LOCI: Leadership and Organizational Change for Implementation

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Because leadership matters.

Leading change is not an easy task. Leading the implementation of evidence-based practices presents a special challenge for healthcare and allied healthcare service agencies. One way to achieve more successful implementation is to train organizations, managers, and supervisors in effective leadership.

Combining leadership development with targeted organizational strategies can help to create an organizational climate supportive of evidence-based practice. The Leadership and Organizational Change for Implementation (LOCI) program developed at the University of California, San Diego provides curricula, training and coaching to support implementation of evidence-based practices. Studies have found that more effective leadership in community behavioral health programs is associated with more positive staff attitudes toward the adoption of evidence-based practice and lower staff turnover. Effective leadership has also been linked to higher consumer satisfaction, implementation climate, and implementation success and sustainment. More information on leadership and implementation research can be found on our resources page.

The LOCI research team has developed a leadership training curriculum that is tailored specifically for behavioral health and social service agencies and programs. The training builds on well-established leadership theory to incorporate the development of positive team climate and organizational supports for evidence-based practices.

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